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Claimed:Simons Says [final 4/6]


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Effort: 2/2 - Blending, text, Stock work, I'll give it to you this time but try to add some lighting, proper blending and effects.
Look: 1.25/3 - The circle stock goes over the renders face which is a no go for me, there is no lighting, the text is way too big and taking the focal point away from the render. The render also looks a little out of proportion, not sure where you got it or why it does but it's strange. The coloring is ok but there are some things to work on for next time.
Creativity: 1/1 - Yeah
Total: 4.25/6
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effort: 2/2 - I'll give it here. It's not just slapped together sloppy and such, it actually looks like work was put in. Good enough for me. 


look: 1.25/3 - Unfortunately I have to agree with Bush here. A lot of things really throw this piece off. The render is LQ and stretched in such a way it just looks deformed. The best way to re-size an image is to hold down SPACE and drag the corners in, allowing it to keep it's quality. Another major flaw to me is the font. It looks like the main piece to all of this, and is just too stuck out compared to the rest of the sig. Better blending is surely a must. 


creativity: 1/1 - yessir


total: 4.25/6


final: 4

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