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Logan Laich Talks Cologne Future


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The Cologne Express were packing up their things after another disappointing playoff exit, this season against the Helsinki Titans. Interviews caught up with Logan Laich to get his thoughts on how the Express can focus going forward, and make a difference. 


"You know I think a lot of people really underestimate how young we actually are. We missed the playoffs, and drafted both Mason Richardson and Thomas O'Malley only 2 short seasons ago. It's crazy to think of that. Sure, back to back playoff losses, in pretty dominating fashion is disappointing. But I think a lot of media and fans put hype in how great O'Malley and Richardson have been at an early age, and how great we all know they will be to alter the expectations of this team."


While the Express have shown flashes during the regular season of being a very talented team, one could argue that they certainly haven't reached elite status yet. Thus the early playoff exits still sting, they aren't that far out of line with the expectations of a team who quickly exited rebuild after acquiring Logan Laich and then drafting superstar players in O'Malley and Richardson.


"Ultimately I think the next two seasons are going to very interesting for us. While I felt we had the capacity to probably do a little more these past two seasons, I wouldn't really say we underachieved. We proved that we have what it takes to be a fantastic team. The mantra we had coming into Season 40 was that we didn't need to put too much pressure on ourselves. But now we all kinda collectively feel that window is over. Season 42, Season 43, we are coming up on the years where I think we have some core of players here who are really going to transform into elite. Which means that exits like this are no longer going to be acceptable. I think next season for us it's really put up or shut up time."  

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We greatly improved our playoff record this year from zero to one win. While it's been a rocky playoff period for us, we did well in the regular season. So lets hope we can build up from there. Excited to see what we can do in the upcoming seasons.


Where do I sign ? :P

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