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Merica On America


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"America is the greatest country in the world, and I am sure people will disagree with that, because we aren't perfect, and no country is,  but to you I say F**K you, because this country was founded on that  very premise...Oh, you have the biggest navy in the entire world? oh, you have a King? F**K you and your taxes. If America listened to the rest of the world, we wouldn't be America, I mean, there is a reason that we left England." Said Josh Merica, but he wasn't finished "If you dont like America, you can either get the F**K out or stay the F**K out, because with or without you, we will continue to be the greatest country in the world. People get all confused and forget that America doesn't need you, YOU need America. Being born American is like winning the lottery, and wasting that birthright is like spending your winnings on a Bugatti and hookers, the idea seemed fantastic to you at the time, but the next morning your full of regret and wanting a refund."


Josh Merica recently announced his decision to enter the VHLM draft. The American winger boasts an uncanny scoring touch and excellent speed, he will be one of the most talked about prospects in the coming weeks. If not for his on-ice performance, certainly for his off-ice comments, because as fas as we can tell, he says what he wants and doesn't really care if you disagree with him...It's as if he wants to argue with people.

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