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Victim #18

Da Trifecta

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Niklaus decided that he was going to take a nice stroll around town. His first stop was the bayou and he checked in on the Wolves that were out there. They had been banished to the bayou as the vampires are in town. They have been at each other for centuries. After making sure things were alright, he would head back into town and make sure that the vampires were obeying his commands. Also he had to make sure the witches weren't conspiring against him. He had to maintain order in the kingdom as he was at the top. While checking on the witches, one was trying to cast magic and he quickly made haste to get to them. He swooned in and he told them magic would not be allowed and he sank his fangs into her neck. After disposing of her body, he would head over to the other witches and told them that he will not take them doing magic in the town at all. He said if he catches anyone else, they will be next on the list to be killed. He then headed back home and hoped all things would remain how he wanted them to.

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