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Listing Francis York Morgan's Potential Future Teams


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I decided it would be a good idea to check out the teams that Francis York Morgan might get drafted to, so after looking at them here is what I have to say about each:

1. Calgary Wranglers: Horses get wrangled, they don’t wrangle. Call them the Calgary Wrangleders.
2. New York Americans: Cliché, but not bad.
3. Quebec City Meute: Meute as in mute? I am not sure what that means but since the logo is a wolf I assume it is wolves.
4. Seattle Bears: Makes sense. When I think of Seattle I think of all the bears.
5. Toronto Legion: Legion of bad hockey teams? Maybe, I don’t know the roster.
6. Cologne Express: The city is called Cologne. I don’t even have to continue.
7. HC Davos Dynamo: Davos from Game of Thrones? Good show.
8. Helsinki Titans: Sounds like a pretty sweet team to me.
9. Riga Reign: Sounds like a tongue twister.
10. Stockholm Vikings: Good team name to me.

Maybe I should talk about the actual team, but I’m not going to. Just the names and logos. Deal.

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