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VHLM's youngest franchises going at it again


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The debate about the best VHLM franchise since expansion is a two-team discussion: Yukon or Bratislava?


Sharing the distinction of being the youngest franchises in the VHLM, having joined in Season 31, these two teams have been phenomenal over the past 11 seasons. It's an incredible storyline, what the two expansion teams have done. You could say that it isn't unprecedented, however, this two-team dominated era in the VHLM; from Season 12 to Season 23, Brampton and Ottawa each won four cups (interestingly, I should note, these two teams never faced each other in the playoffs over these 12 seasons despite being in the same conference). But what makes this new era's storyline so compelling is that these two teams were both expansion teams. Not that the VHLM expansion teams had an early rough going like the VHL expansion teams, but it's interesting nonetheless.


Yukon has made the playoffs now six times in their 11 seasons, reaching the finals each time. They have lost just one playoff series in their existence, that being to the Watchmen in Season 36, the only time these two teams have met in the playoffs. Bratislava is making their fourth trip to the finals in what is their sixth playoff appearance as well. They haven't lost a championship series yet. However, each Bratislava Founder's Cup has been immediately followed by a Rush Founder's Cup.


Bratislava currently leads the series 1-0 after a dominating Game 1 victory. If they win, they will tie the Cup count with Yukon at four. Yukon looks to come back in the series and win their fifth Founder's Cup in 11 seasons, which would bring them to a tie for the third most. Whatever happens, this will be eight championships for the expansion teams in their 11 seasons of existence.

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Brampton and Ottawa never faced each other in the playoffs in that span:


That's because when I was winning cups with Ottawa, Brampton's GM was Meg. Half my team at least in the first cup run was built off of lopsided trades with said Brampton. I can't speak for the S-teens (not the GM), but S21 and S23 cup wins were directly due to making Brampton weak.

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