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VHLSC: S42 Rankings #5 - Second Mock Draft


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Last week we were able to dive into our first round of a projected mock draft. Well this draft isn't just one round long, as there are thirty-three prospects in total! Before we dive into our second round of the mock draft we feel we should give you an update on some prospect news.


With thirty-three prospects this draft was shaping up to be a very productive and possible four round mock draft. However, last week we had a total of thirty-five prospects. Two prospects had to retire because of injuries that would eventually end their career anyways. Ken Anderson and Mac MacInnis both sent in their retirement papers well before the draft has occurred. This opens the door for our second round to get very very interesting and possibly will surprise many more watching the draft at home. We should also mention that this week we have a new addition to the top five draftees list. Wolfgang Strauss put in some work this past week and made his presence known. The rankings now show the first four picks being forwards. Also A.C. Savage will most likely see his draft stock decrease with the rising of other talent and questionable attitude heading into the draft. It all makes the draft storylines that much more intriguing. The rankings show Vogon Jeltz climbing two spots into the number fifteen spot. You'll notice no one else jumped spots below him despite two prospects retiring. Unfortunately we won't let those prospects get the benefit of the doubts because they didn't really jump in talent. Jeltz however did put in work and it would be silly not to reward him for the jump he was going to make regardless of retirements. Below you will see this weeks graph and nearing the draft the graph actually has moved a bit in percentages. Below that a review of the top 10 picks we had from last week with some slight changes and then the money maker with the second round! 


General Manager's can cement themselves as intelligent with picks they select past the top ten selections. If you can find a gem in the second/third round you have the ability to reward yourself with a quality depth player and at times a solid first line player. Last season the Seattle Bears drafted Niklas Karlsson (15th overall) and Toronto drafted Raphael Pettyfer (17th overall) both in the second round. In years past we've seen Griffin Simons, Wesley Matthews and Niklas Kurri plucked from the second and third rounds. This year will we see the same type of production late in the draft?





1st Round Review

urbEXsu.jpg 1st Overall - Bismarck Koenig [C]

Dbih2bI.png 2nd Overall - Callum Sinclair [G]

KBOtScB.jpg 3rd Overall - Joseph Roy III [C]

MqPKPcL.jpg(via Toronto4th Overall - Jax Barnstormer [G]

urbEXsu.jpg (via Calgary) 5th Overall - Wolfgang Strauss [LW]

Dbih2bI.png (via Cologne6th Overall - Sam Teibert [C]

MqPKPcL.jpg 7th Overall - A.C. Savage [C]

Dbih2bI.png (via Quebec City8th Overall - Patrick Demko [D]

Dbih2bI.png (via Riga9th Overall - George Patton [C]

Dbih2bI.png (via New York10th Overall - Prince Gigga-Bijou [RW]


Second Round Mock Draft



11th Overall - Severen Von Karma [C]

Stockholm might as well kick off the second round because they ended the first round with three straight selections. In this position they get to grab probably one of the fastest risers in the second round. Severen Von Karma has been consistently looking to improve since Christmas and has tapped some of the potential we saw him have. A centreman with good upside and a future top six forward. Severen is not new to the VHL ranks as his agent has been productive in the past with prospects.



12th Overall - Travis Willcox [RW]

Although we haven't seen much lately from Travis Willcox there is still some potential there and a pedigree in the past that has allowed a bit of optimism. However apparently no contact can be made with the prospect who has slightly gone missing. Sure enough he drops a few spots but at the 12th position, Seattle drafts a piece that they may be able to package later in a trade.



13th Overall - Blake Campbell [G]

I wouldn't say Davos missed out of a goaltender by our mock draft of the first round. However, they did not select one and one could say they missed but we like to call it "substituted" a skater. If Blake Campbell ends up dropping because of his position, Davos gets to select a goalie that may or may not develop into a quality VHL starter. A lot of progression needs to happen but for drafts sake they would get a quality player here.



14th Overall - Ivars Klajums [G]

Toronto has no clue how to draft goaltenders. That is not to say they don't have any, but it turns out that the progression of the ones in their system is very slow and won't really help their rebuild in the grand scheme of things. They go and try to right the ship here by selecting Ivars Klajums here and hope he turns into a bonifide starter in the VHL ranks. They just hope that Klajums doesn't turn into a no show and progress as slow as their rebuild seems to be. 



15th Overall - Vogon Jeltz [RW]

Calgary hasn't won a cup since Season 30, that's eleven seasons without hardware and they sure do want some. That's why it's surprising to see them select their first prospect this late in the draft. Usually championship teams see a selection this late as they've traded picks for talent already. Nevertheless they get to select and they choose a quality riser in Vogon Jeltz. Jeltz has been slowly rising up the board and making a name for himself. Another prospect to add to their cupboard of draftees.



(via Helsinki)

16th Overall - Paul Ready [RW]

Stockholm select for the 47th time in the draft (or so it seems) and they look to get value. Paul Ready has some untapped potential and if drafted could surprise many. However, Ready has largely been missing from practice and that may allow Stockholm to look elsewhere as well.



17th Overall - Benjamin Zeptenbergs [LW]

Surprisingly Zeptenbergs has shown up recently and that is good news for a squad looking to add talent to their prospect pool. Cologne didn't make it past the first round of the playoffs and Zeptenbergs works into their long term schedule, not their current run of playoff appearances.



18th Overall - Cap'n Crunch [D]

Trade away all your picks and don't make the championship? You re most likely drafting in this spot. Much like Calgary the Quebec City Meute get to draft their first prospect, this time at the 18th spot. They select the leader of the cereal brands in Cap'n Crunch. At this stage we are unsure what to expect from the Crunch, but he could develop into something.



(via Quebec City)

19th Overall - Artemis Fowll [D]

Artemis Fowll is another prospect who is here but we'd love to see more from. Fowll get the chance to hone his skills in the VHLM longer by being drafted by the reigning North American Champions. New York isn't looking for anything huge at this position and will be very patient with the select at this spot.



20th Overall - Joakim Videl [LW]

Joakim Videl is largely inactive and missing from the training facilities in the VHLM. Videl isn't too keen on practicing it seems but New York will just look for the best player available at this position.



*Heads up to readers and draftees: These mock drafts are not constructed after talks with General Managers. They are constructed based on the rankings above as well as the progression of prospects. They are loosely based off team need and overall prospect lists that fall under each teams home page.

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I'll post one before draft day. Had to make sure the Mock Draft was done because prospects loving seeing those. I'll try something special for a before draft day edition. I'll be in the know to figure out the exact Draft Date.

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I'll tell you who I'm picking at 3rd for the final mock, I know he'll be there and I'm not trading it anymore.

I won't be doing a third. After the 20th pick, they haven't even signed in. I also won't be updating the mock draft before the draft. Might give a tiny list, but no write up. Even if you did tell me I wouldn't use it as I love suspense for the draft!
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I just meant I was going to tell you who I'm taking at 3rd overall if you were doing another mock.

Oh yes, okay I understood that part. I appreciate that, won't be doing another mock and I'll keep it surprise. I'm not actually here to guess them, just to give scouting reports.
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