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Josh Merica Rookie Profile [Final 8/8]


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Player Information:


Full Name: Josh Merica

Age: 19

Born: San Diego, California, United States Of America

Height: 6-1

Weight: 185

Position: LW

Shoots: Right




Puck Handling:

  • When it comes to uncanny stick handling, Merica is on a level of his own. He is a veritable wizard with the puck and is extremely hard to defend against. Combined with his speed and scoring ability, he has the whole package for an offensive Armageddon, which is capped by his deft puck handling.



  • Merica has an incredible scoring touch, and is able to hit the smallest of targets. His accuracy is pinpoint, and whether it’s a slap shot from the point, a wrister from the wing or a backhander top shelf, Merica is as accurate as they come. The work he puts into his shooting ability cannot go unnoticed.



  • Unlike most scoring wingers, Merica doesn’t shirk his defensive duties and is always playing both sides of the puck. He has decent size and is very strong, which makes it easier for him to push people off the puck and gain position.  His ability to fluidly transition from offense to defense is one of his stand out traits.





  • Merica doesn’t like authority, and can be a difficult player to coach. He has had extensive success throughout his career and has developed habits and tendencies that will be hard to break. He is an “alpha” male, he walks into the room and believes he is better than everyone else. This could potentially cause some turmoil in veteran locker rooms.



  • Any team considering selecting Merica needs to be aware that he will be a thorn in your side when it comes to the media. He will never pinch words and will always say what he thinks about a situation or issue. Where most athletes in today’s day and age will issue apologies for their comments, Merica believes that to be weak and submissive, and has said he will always be honest.  He also tends to use vulgar and crude language to get his opinions across.


  • Not much is known about Josh, and there really wasn’t very much game footage to go by either. He played hockey throughout high school, and played in the World Juniors for Team USA once, where he did put on quite a show against top tier talent. Other than his appearance in the WJC, there isn’t much out there to back up Merica’s claims of being the next VHL superstar. He performed well at VHLM Pro Day, and the signs point towards a successful career, but only time will tell if he is cut out for the grind of professional hockey right out of high school.


Final Thoughts:

  • Josh Merica is an incredibly skilled and gifted winger, if what little we have seen of him is truly an indication of what is to  come, we could be looking at a franchise player. He is strong, extremely fast, adept at scoring goals and doesn’t forget that he has a responsibility to play some defense too. His attitude and brash personality could be a problem for some teams, but he has never had any off-ice incidents, it is a real risk/reward situation.  I, for one, would not advise passing on giving him a chance.
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Overview: 2/2 - It's a good article on a player I had no idea about.


Pros & Cons: 3/3 - Funny how none of your cons have to do with skill as a player. I'd never think of taking that approach. I look forward to your career.


Grammar: 2/2 - Everything here is great. A lot better than your Media Spot from the same day.


Presentation: 1/1 - The layout looks superb and professional.


Overall: 8/8



Good luck with your career and I hope you stay active because it should be a good one.

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