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Merica On Guns


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"There is nothing I love more than the 2nd Amendment, except maybe when liberals try and take away guns from law-abiding citizens and I get to shove it down their throat until they realize their fringing on my rights." Said Josh Merica, when asked about his opinion on guns, and how many people believe that tighter laws are necessary "Look, I always point this out, criminials do NOT follow laws. So the only thing you are doing by adding more laws and making it harder to acquire weapons legally is discourage the law-abiding, normal citizen from carrying and possibly preventing a shooting from taking place.  The news should focus more on those stories, because there are more of them than there are mass murders at schools.  You also can't take away our guns, do you realize how many people in this country have them? Good luck, it's a pointless venture.   I carry a gun every damn day, and I will until the day I die, because evil exists in this world, just turn on the news...I for one won't leave my life up to chance."

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