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Greg Harbinson is literally a bear


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I spent several seasons as GM of the New York Americans, and as a result of the time I spent with the team, I consider them to be the team in the VHL that I associate myself with the most. It may too be the case for several others that when they think of me, the Americans are the first team that come to mind. During my time as New York's GM, Greg Harbionson and the Seattle Bears were what some my call our rivals.


Similar to my close link to the Americans is Greg's link to Seattle; however, his association with the Bears is much greater than mine is with the Americans, I would say. In fact, his member title is "Bear for life," as evidenced by this screenshot taken by someone named Stanando (a simple Google search of "Stanando" reveals that this mystery source is a dog with a blog).




That Stanando, who I remind you is a dog according to Google, would proclaim that Greg is a bear would suggest that Greg might literally be a bear, which would be more shocking than the revelation that there is a dog in the VHL. Further proof to back the claim that Greg is an actual bear, unlike most of the rest of the VHL members who are actual humans, is that I am actually an American, not just an American. Greg is not just a Bear, but he is also a bear.


Here is a picture of his head shot, which helped him secure the eponymous role in the hit movie Greg Finds Love.




So what are your thoughts? Literal bear or not?

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