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Claimed:Michael Clardy: Technical Overview [Final 8/8]


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Michael Clardy: A Technical Overview


Name: Michael Clardy

Age: 21 (1/22/94)

Birthplace: Memphis, TN

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 235 lbs

Position: Defense


Michael Clardy is the prototypical defensive defender, capable of keeping the whole offensive rush ahead of him and managing puck movement in his own end. This leads to the taller American being a useful part of any team's defensive and penalty killing rotations. His recreational team, the Buffalo Soldiers, used Clardy mainly as a top line pairing defensive mind, a player you could keep behind the blue line and allow for 4 skaters to play offense and have a safety net for when the play falls apart.





Clardy battles for the puck against a forward in his own end


Defensive IQ - A defensive mastermind, Clardy has developed a strong hockey strategist mindset when it comes to the defensive aspects of the game. Where the defender loses points and goals, he earns takeaways, blocked shots, and better odds at a higher +/- over the course of a season. His football background and use of extrapolation to the rink has allowed the former defensive lineman to anticipate passing lanes, take advantage of the puck movement and skating patterns, and make key defensive plays before the opponents get in scoring position. This skill alone is valuable enough to make Clardy a top prospect.


Discipline - Defensive tendencies come hand in hand with a more disciplined style of play. Clardy has never been the big physical player, never going out and starting fights for the penalty minutes or finishing a check on a playmaker instead of staying back and following the puck to the sniper. This discipline allows Clardy to stay on the ice longer and in key situations, making him an asset to special teams units and top line defensive pairings.


Skating - Even with a big frame, Clardy has made an impact as a full tilt skater and toned the skating posture and motion to an art. When he looks out at the ice and sees a play developing, Clardy needs to have the jets to get to the play and also have the finesse to keep his head and not over-pursue the player, keeping his skating area and momentum at a reasonable level so they can be redirected when needed to more practical uses on the ice.





Clardy gets dominated physically in the offensive zone while out of position


Checking - Most defenders with Clardy's size will play a certain physical game. With 235 pounds of muscle, Clardy would fit the mold of players that only crush weaker forwards into the boards when he can lumber close to a fast play. Clardy has never played that game, but his checking posture is not what it should be for a typical defender, focusing his defensive strength on playmaking and not physicality.


Scoring - The blue line has never been as good an area to score from and Clardy has been a victim of this fact. Defenders are never really big goal-scorers unless they have adapted from a forward position down to the blue line for powerplay lines and Clardy is not that guy. His play has been more focused on the other end of the ice and that hurts his legacy as he doesn't have the great point totals to match the VHL greats on the blue line.


Strength - For a 235 pound former lineman, Clardy is a significantly reduced physical specimen than most. His bench weight is more on par with the bigger forwards on the ice and his squat reps are mainly so high because of his skating and finesse muscle growth, not his weight room mentality. This has led to the defender being outmuscled by better power forwards on the ice but still dominating the small playmaking centers. 





Clardy tickles the twine during a VHLM Scouting Combine


Peak Draft Position: Mid to Late 1st Round

Peak Performance: 1st Line Defender

Career Path: Veteran Face of the Franchise

Most Notable Stat: Shots Blocked


Clardy looks to become a top defensive player in the history of the game, though this may come at the price of the flashy offensive point totals forwards have the luxury of working toward. As a defensively minded defender, Clardy will become a perennial blue line threat, a career shut-down player who stops any sort of offensive threats from his side of the ice. That type of talent is something GMs look for in the draft and keep for years to come, being the unsung hero of championship teams to come.


WC: 760 Words
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Overview: 2/2 - Lots to work with here. Great Rookie Profile and I look forward to seeing the career unfold.


Pros & Cons: 3/3 - Everything is solid on this front.


Grammar: 2/2 - Everything looks great grammar-wise.


Presentation: 1/1 - It all looks professionally done. I also like the inclusion of the GIF.


Overall: 8/8



Good luck with the career!

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