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Francis York Morgan is Under-appreciated


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I was looking into my coffee the other day and it told me something interesting: that I am under-appreciated. I pondered this for a short moment, then took a look at the VHLM This Week post. Something was missing from the post. Francis York Morgan. I noticed Zachary Young had a small tidbit linking one of his articles. They even said he was a "real up and comer." This is hurtful and unfair to someone who may only be a career beer-league player, but who has a heart of gold and a lot to give to a league. But perhaps I was mentioned later. Nope. Blake Campbell was mentioned, though, with his lame interview and everything.


Interviews are lame. And so are goalies. Wingers like me are more important, and I think that me not being included is very disappointing. What do I need to do to be appreciated? Do I need to make killer graphics? Maybe write an article talking about how great I am? Maybe videotape myself doing a dance?


I think the writers of VHLM This Week should do a better job of identifying talent, because I am a player who is flying under the radar and should be appreciated more for my ability as a human being, as well as a player.


Nothing against Blake Campbell or Zachary Young. You simply had to be the targets for my rant and I'm sure you are swell people.

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I would like to point out a severe error. I initially said that I was a winger which made me more important, when in fact I am actually a defenseman.


Please pardon this mistake and continue to consider me for VHLM This Week. I am dum but I am still worth paying attention 2.

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