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Davos' New Team


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Davos looks for S42 playoff berth


DAVOS, SWITZERLAND -- Look for a new cast of players for HC Davos next season.  If all goes according to plan, the Dynamo will have six or seven new players from their prospect pool joining the team, including AIM-11, Jakub Ackerman, Mario De Rossi, Freedom McJustice, Griffin Simons, the first overall pick in the upcoming draft, and potentially the fifth overall pick if that player is deemed VHL-ready.


Either way, the Dynamo should be in the playoff hunt with the majority of their prospects making their way up to the professional ranks. The Dynamo are finally leaving the beginning stages of their rebuild.  Their depth chart will look as follows to start next season:


LW #1 Pick - C Gifford Shock - RW Kurtis Hunter

LW Griffin Simons - C AIM-11 - RW Mario De Rossi


D Joshua Rubin - D Vladamir Komarov

D Jakub Ackerman - D Freedom McJustice



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