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First trip to Europe


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As you all know, Martin Brookside, my third player, just got shipped over to the Cologne Express (because the Helsinki Titans didn't want to win cups or anything, apparently). This is a first for me, being in the European Conference. Throughout three players, I've never once played in Europe. Lars Intranquilo spent most of his career on the Calgary Wranglers, then was sent as a rental to the New York Americans. Clark Marcellin, my second player and entirely during my run as GM of Calgary, spent his entire career on the Wranglers and went down with the ship, trying to drag along a cup kicking and screaming. It didn't work (although in his second to last season, winning North America was arguably more important at the time than the cup itself, due to the league landscape at the time). Martin Brookside, my third player, was a Wrang until last night. He is now an Express.


I'd like to point out something for the Express fans:


Lars Intranquilo: 1 cup, S23.

Clark Marcellin: 1 cup, S30.

Martin Brookside: nothing yet.


If it's some sort of rule that I have to get exactly one cup per player, which thus far seems to be the case, I'm still due. You guys are it. Let's win this thing and keep the train rolling.


Also, oddly coincidental: both times my players have been traded, the Titans have been in on the negotiations and ultimately failed to pull the trigger. Intranquilo's deal ended up being a three way deal involving Helsinki, but I went to New York and Jeff Dar went to Helsinki. This time, it was a bidding war, one in which Helsinki stopped increasing their bids, apparently deciding that having picks is somehow better than beating your biggest conference rivals for a piece that could change the entire outlook of the conference. Cologne made the smart call, so it seems we'll be the favorites for the conference. I suppose no matter which way the deal went, I could say "we'll be the favorites for the conference" because a 767 TPE goalie with nearly 200 of that banked to stave off depreciation is enough to put either team over the top (and Cologne needed me less, with Olynick at least being active, a mile better than Salo), but I wouldn't have it any other way than to be on the Green team, pun intended (Green being on Cologne and all...).

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Helsinki might well eventually win the cup but they'll take the long arduous Riga journey to get to it - filled with first/second round disappointments. Cologne meanwhile have given themselves a 2-season window to win the cup (despite their best players only entering their 3rd seasons), which is also risky since only the second one will not involve New York.


Basically, Davos win against all odds as usual.

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