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Claimed:No MS idea, doing sig :( [Final: 5/6]


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effort: 2/2 - No MS...no problem! You've got this locked down. 


look: 2.25/3 - Unfortunately this is where we hit the speed bump, my not so young friend. You've got the making of a great sig but then some things are just overdone, thus it just completely throws you the opposite direction. The font for me just needs to be changed, to something a little more simple that stands out. Lighting, easily needs to be a bigger factor in this, and better coloring is a must. You're on the right track, don't give up! 


creativity: 1/1 - yess


total: 5.25/6

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Effort: 2/2 - Not bad.

Look: 2.5/3 - I actually kind of like this, it's not a bad sig. However, there are some things here that bring it down. Like IR said, the text could be better, the lighting needs to be more visible, and the sig should be more saturated. Also, I'd suggest changing up the stock work - maybe focus more on a grunge style to match the render effects.

Creativity: 1/1

Total: 5.5/6


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