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Duddy on smoothies


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“You know I love fruits, I love milk and I damn sure love me some greek yoghurt. So it’s pretty obvious about what my opinion on smoothies is. Banana, Apple or even a tasty cookie dough smoothie is the best way to start a day. In the winter I always carry a smoothie around with me, so I have some homemade smoothie ice cream with me in case I want some. If you don’t like smoothies, you probably don’t like freedom. And if you don’t like freedom, I can’t be friends with you. But there are also a lot of people who rape the concept of a smoothie, I mean why the fuck would you put meat in it and make a stupid meat smoothie? That’s just not right. Also how can you use Silk? I mean really? Fucking Soy milk? That’s also a big no no in the Duddysh school of smoothie making. Once I save some money from my millions of VHL dollars that I will get sooner or later, I will open up a real school in a poor part of the country and teach today’s youth the do’s and don’ts of smoothie making.A good smoothies is what makes the world go round.”

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I don't use milk at all, I use fruit, juice, ice, and yogurt (not greek, regular, the one that isn't sour - usually Dannon Light and Fit)

Fruit, frozen yogurt and Arizona green tea as the base:)

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