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Jerrick Poole Discusses Future


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With Tyler Cote inking a deal to stick with the Toronto Legion through Season 44, all eyes turned to defenseman Jerrick Poole, who has yet to comment on his thoughts on remaining with the Legion.  On the team right now, Poole says, "adding Fjorsstrom was awesome.  Do I think this team is looking great?  Hell yes.  But I still think we need to get better.  We have some moves to make this off-season, for sure."  While you can sense the excitement, his comments do not exactly amount to a vote of confidence for the only VHL team he's ever played for and that is something the Legion absolutely have to be mindful of.


"Will I stay with Toronto?  To be honest, I have no idea right now.  My contract doesn't expire for another season so I have plenty of time to assess the situation.  I absolutely want to win and I think this off-season is where our future will be decided.  If we can add a strong free agent, maybe a guy like Faraday, I think that bodes extremely well for the future of the franchise.  I want to stay here and win here but I'm not going to stay here if I can't win."


As one of the league's top young defensemen, Poole would surely be a hot commodity if he were to enter the free agent pool (poole?).  Time will tell what happens with this situation but it seems like his decision is far from set at this point.  As one of the most important pieces to the Legion, this will be something that the entire league will be monitoring should he not sign an extension by mid Season 42.

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