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Hurley Upset


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Marcus Hurley is ready for another season as the Captain of the Calgary Wranglers.  Recently Hurley was forgotten about for the Grimm award. This made Hurley think, “why am I even in the league. If no one even realized I was the captain all last season other than the Wrangler organization should I even have the C?” Well Hurley is worthy. Hurley with the help from goaltender Martin Brookside and his two alternates led the Wranglers to the playoffs which nobody would have expected from them last season. Hurley knows that he won’t be nearly as good as former captain Travis Boychuck but he will do whatever he can do to bring the Wranglers back to a winning team and someday win a championship with the team he loves playing for. Hurley was told after playoffs that he may get traded away from his beloved team which left him broken for a few days. But when the Wranglers GM confronted him a couple days ago he felt much better. He told Hurley that he just wanted what was best for him and he did not know that he wanted to be a Wrangler for his career even if they were going to be going through a rebuild. The young captain is young enough to be a part of a rebuild and hope to someday finish it with the team.  #Wranglerstoogood

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