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Final Sundberg Team Rankings (for next week)


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1. Helsinki
2. New York
3. Toronto
4. Seattle
5. Stockholm
6. Cologne
7. Quebec
8. Davos
9. Calgary
10. Riga
This week on who does Devin Sundberg want to play for the Helsinki Titans have jumped to number 1 with the addition of Mike they actually have a goalie and a chance of winning next season which Devin has now shift his focus to. Next is New York and thats an easy because they just won and could easily win again in S42. Toronto/Seattle/Stockholm are next as they're the teams on the rise looking to makes dynasty runs which is interesting. Toronto jumped past Seattle and Stockholm because of their recent addition from Riga's defenseman Slaeter Fjorsstrom. Next is Quebec/Cologne good teams but have GMs that will have to put in a lot of work to get Sundberg signed. Then of course its the rebuild gang of Davos/Calgary/Riga, Davos is the best of the 3 but don't really fit into what Sundberg is looking for next season which is a playoff team. 
All in all Sundberg seem to be the big fish in free agency and every team will want him but ONLY ONE CAN! 
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