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Claimed:Niklas Kurri not satisfied with finishing 2nd. [Final 6/6]


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Niklas Kurri at Seattle's Development Camp.


  Season 41 was a great season for the Saskatoon Wild that ended up in a great disappointment. Brandon Holmes scored the game winning goal for the Yukon Rush in Game 7 of the Conference Finals and broke the hearts of the people in the town of Saskatoon in the process.


  The Wild had played exceptionally well throughout the regular season and had easily moved on against captain Niklas Kurri's former team, The Brampton Blades, in their first playoff test. The Wild finishing the regular season with a record of 59 Wins, 11 Losses and 2 Overtime Losses. Saskatoon swept the Blades, outscoring them 22-6 in the 1st round series.



Kurri tips in a shot during game 6 of the Conference Finals against Yukon.  


  Things were looking very promising for the Wild as the team took games 4 and 5 of the Conference Finals and had the opportunity to close out the series on home ice against the Yukon Rush in game 6. Despite being outshot 32 to 23, Yukon beat the Wild 4-1 and forced a game 7.


  Holmes scored his first goal of the post-season late in the 1st period of game 7, with Kurri sitting in the penalty box after hooking Rush defender Patrick Demko. Ryan Cattrall scored early in the 2nd period and Yukon goalie stopped all 24 Saskatoon shots through the first two periods. The Rush would enter the final twenty minutes of play with a 2-0 lead. Travis Willcox scored his 9th goal of the post-season less then 2 minutes into the period to cut the Yukon lead in half. The Wild had a difficult time generating much offense but Kurri took over on a play and tied the game with just over 8 minutes remaining to play in the 3rd period. The goal was just the 3rd of the post-season for the native of Helsinki, Finland.  Four and a half minutes later, Holmes, The Rush star defenseman, scored his 2nd goal of the game. The goal would prove to be the difference and send Yukon to the Cup Finals.


  Kurri had one of the most complete season's in recent memory for any player in the VHLM, but his post-season production did slip a little bit before he was able to pot a couple goals in the game 6 and 7 losses to Yukon. When asked if he was happy with how his season went Nik had this to say.. "No. I'm definitely not happy with how the season went. As captain of this team, my goal was to bring home a championship to Saskatoon and I feel I definitely could have played better hockey and helped us accomplish that goal. We had an excellent group of players here this season and I'm disappointed that I didn't get a chance to win a Championship with them. You know, actually I did have a chance, but we didn't get the job done. Hopefully Borje, Niclas and myself can win one together in Seattle."

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Content: 3/3 - Good breakdown of the end of the season, and I could tell you did your research from the box scores. Well done.


Grammar: 1.5/2 - A few errors, but mainly docking because it seemed to be a little sloppy towards the end. Read over once more before posting, and catching stuff like "to pot a couple" or the two periods should give you full marks.


The Brampton Blades = "The" doesn't need to be capitalized

Wild finishing the regular season = Wild finished the regular season

59 Wins, 11 Losses and 2 Overtime Losses = don't need to be capitalized

and Yukon goalie = and Yukon's goalie

less then 2 minutes = less than 2 minutes

most complete season's = no apostrophe needed

to pot a couple = to put a couple

this to say.. = this to say:


Appearance: 1/1 - I appreciate people who do captions on pictures.


Total: 5.5/6

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Content: 3/3 - You hit the word mark and it was a nice article. Good luck to Kurri.

Grammar: 1.5/2 - A few things here with some easily correctable mistakes.


"The Brampton Blades" -  "The" doesn't need to be capitalized.

"Wild finishing the regular season" - Wild FINISHED the regular season.

"59 Wins, 11 Losses and 2 Overtime Losses" - all of those words don't need capital letters.

"and Yukon goalie" - and Yukon's goalie.

"less then 2 minutes" - less THAN 2 minutes.

"most complete season's" - don't need an apostrophe in 'seasons'

"this to say.." = this to say:


Cowboy noted: to pot a couple = to put a couple

I think pot makes sense there though. You're potting goals in. The wording is right.

Appearance: 1/1 - When organizing your MS, make it look professional as well. Make sure there's a clearly visible and grammatically correct heading, use images, colours and anything else for the most appealing piece of work.

Overall: 5.5/6



Averaged Overall: 5.5+5.5 = 11. 11/2 = 5.5. Rounded up to 6.

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