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Claimed:Valentin Taneyev Rookie Profile [Final 8/8]


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Full Name: Valentin Taneyev
Position: LW
Age: 21
Handedness: R
Jersey Number: 91
Height (inches): 75"
Weight (lbs.): 235
Birthplace: Moscow


Valentin Maxim Taneyev was born to a Russian escort during the VHL's 19th season. His father remained unknown until he was a teenager, when it was discovered that he was the offspring of VHL Hall of Fame goaltender Maxim Desny. Valentin's mother appeared on the sham talk show "Petrov," a Russian counterpart to the American show "Maury," hoping to determine her son's paternity after nearly 13 years of uncertainty. Desny subsequently denied the claim.


Getting a later start than the majority of budding hockey players, Valentin began playing hockey as a teenager. Seeking to make up for lost time and experience, he hired VHLM legend Tyler Vassell as his trainer and agent. Vassell had been playing in Russia's KHL, following the end of his eligibility in the VHL, and recently retired from professional hockey. "I was looking to stay in the business in some capacity even though my playing days were over. Valentin's story and pedigree really appealed to me so I decided to take him on as a protege," commented Vassell following the Season 41 VHL Entry Draft.




Under Vassell's tutelage, Valentin progressed at a vast rate and was able to impress enough to be drafted by the MHL's MHC Spartak, based in his home town of Moscow. During Valentin's three season tenure with MHC Spartak, his development rate slowed significantly. The jump in talent level was apparent to Taneyev who soldiered on. In his first season with MHC Spartak, Taneyev only managed to play in one game and was a scratch for the rest of the season. His second and third seasons proved to be more fruitful after he was able to crack the main roster. Contributing 58 points in 112 games and unparalleled physical play, Taneyev was surprisingly passed over in both the VHL and NHL draft. 


Fortunately for the young Russian, the Minot Gladiators came calling 18 games into the VHL's 40th season and signed Taneyev to a developmental contract. Blaming the jump in competition and transition to the North American product, Taneyev had an abysmal season and seemed to take a huge step back in what had been steady development. Registering 23 points (10G, 13A) through 54 games while being a non-factor in the Gladiator's playoff run, Valentin left a lot to be desired heading into the Season 41 VHL Entry Draft.


Taneyev's career statistics to date:



Following his developmental season Taneyev was drafted 22nd overall in the Season 41 VHLM Dispersal Draft by the Turku Outlaws as he headed back to Europe to start the season. Based on an educated decision considering his lack-luster performance in Season 40, Taneyev headed back to Russia for the off season; deciding not to attend the Season 41 VHL Entry Draft. The decision proved to be a mistake after the Stockholm Vikings drafted the Russian winger with their 27th overall pick in the third round.




Taneyev wasn't invited to the Viking's camp for Season 41 and instead attended the Outlaws' camp. Unfortunately he came down with the flu at the outset of the camp and missed out on a lot of the training. If nothing else Taneyev continued to show unspectacular, though steady, improvement in Season 41. Helping out on a good team with 54 points (24G, 30A) through 52 games, he was surprisingly traded around the deadline to the Brampton Blades. In the final 20 games of the season he continued to maintain his decently productive pace with 19 points (12G, 7A) but again proved to be a non-factor in the Blades' ill-fated playoff run. Scouts and pundits are wondering whether or not Taneyev has what it takes to make it at the next level since he seems to be barely holding on in the VHLM.


"Pedigree doesn't guarantee success in the VHL. This is the highest level of hockey and no one cares who your dad, grandfather, or uncle was if you can't cut it on the ice," stated an anonymous Toronto Legion scout.





Grit: Taneyev brought a fairly rare amount of grit to a traditional European hockey market. He prides himself on getting to the dirty areas and keeping up the intensity. Being aggressive in pursuit of the puck and applying constant pressure on the puck carrier is what allowed Taneyev to get as far as he is today. Since coming to the VHLM, Taneyev's physical game that enabled him to stand out in Europe is nothing but average in North America.

Athletic Ability/Work Ethic: Despite suffering from a late start as a hockey player, Taneyev is greatly benefitted from being a natural athlete and possessing an above-average work ethic. Some would argue that despite working hard these past years in practice and training that he hasn't improved much, but the jump to both the professional level and to the North American style is to blame. Vassell is positive that as Valentin amasses more experience as a professional his progression will compensate.
"He over tripled his offensive production from Season 40 this year, I'd say that's progression," stated Vassell.

Pedigree: Being the son of a VHL HOFer can be good and bad. Although Taneyev may say in his instance that it hasn't helped him, it probably had a lot to do with the fact that he was selected by the Stockholm Vikings in the draft - when he didn't deserve to be. Following in Maxim Desny's footsteps hasn't really worked out for Valentin so far, but you never know what kind of effects such an association may have on his future. You have to think that landing VHLM legend Tyler Vassell as a trainer and agent was somehow influenced by an outside source...


Late Start: Taneyev didn't start playing hockey until he was in his early teens, a setback he has been trying to deal with for years. An ok skater with ok hockey sense, there isn't much that can make up for his lack of time on the ice other than spending more time on the ice. Sometimes Taneyev will get caught watching the puck and he can really botch a rush by not breaking out properly. All these things will come together once he's gotten some more experience under his belt.

Offense: There really isn't much to say here. Sometimes he shows flashes of brilliance with the puck on his stick, while other times his teammates won't even pass to him for fear of what might happen. Taneyev led the MHC Spartak in turnovers throughout his time there and didn't contribute much offensively. He has a decent shot and will often opt to shoot before passing inside the zone. His saucer pass is horrid and almost every time his tries to take a slapshot he either whiffs on it or breaks a stick. He really needs to put in a lot of work on the offensive aspects of the game.

Undisciplined: Although he has gotten a little bit better since coming to the VHLM, Taneyev has a tendency to rack up the PIM's. Usually not a fighter, most of his infractions are caused by technical deficiencies in his own game. Hooking, tripping, slashing - those are his bread and butter and really has a lot to do with his lack of hockey instincts. He probably wouldn't end up in the box half of the time if he was able to read plays or genuinely interpret what is currently going on in the game. His skating ability has a lot to do with it as well, since he often stops moving his feet and gets left behind.


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Overview: 2/2 - Over 1200 words in the article, and a solid list of pros and cons. A lot of the background was pretty similar to the Bio though.


Pros & Cons: 3/3 - Good list of pros and cons. Can't hate anything there.


Grammar: 2/2 - I'm not going to dock anything here. Some simple mistakes were made that are easily fixed through a proof-read. Your article has over 1200 words though so this is a very small amount of mistakes in comparison.


"Gladiator's playoff run" - the team is the Gladiators, so it should be Gladiators'

"Following his developmental season Taneyev" - Following his developmental season, Taneyev

"off season" - off-season

"Viking's camp" - Vikings' camp. Same reasoning as the Gladiators one.

"Unfortunately he came down with the flu" - Unfortunately, he came down

"Taneyev is greatly benefitted from" - Taneyev HAS greatly BENEFITED from.


Presentation: `1/1 - This article looks great. It has a very professional look to it.


Overall: 8/8

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