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Claimed:Harumpf's Off-Season Success [FINAL 6/6]


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Oskars Harumpf Off-Season Success!



Oskars Harumpf celebrates as he breaks the 10 minute-mile mark.


For 5'5" 250 pound Helsinki Center Oskars Harumpf, the off-season brings a chance for him to work on areas of his game that he feels need improvement headed in to next season. He had a successful rookie year, but he knows he can do even better in his sophomore campaign. One area he wants to work on is his cardio and endurance. Having such short legs it's sometimes hard for Harumpf to achieve success in dry-land training. He's not a great sprinter, he can't hurdle and he definitely can't do anything in the high jump, but he did reach a milestone this off-season in the 1 mile run.


Harumpf's entire life he has been trying to break the 10 minute mark in the mile. We realize that may be laughable to people of normal height and weight, but when you're 5'5" and 250 pounds, running is not your strong suit. Skating comes easy to Harumpf because of the gliding factor, but running does not because of something called gravity. Coming off his rookie season, Harumpf is in the best shape of his life and decided it was time to try and break the 10 minute mark running the mile. After days of training and getting his body into shape, he went to the local track in his hometown of Middelfart Denmark where he spends the off-season. He started the run with a bang and managed to finish with a time of 9:57! He finally achieved his goal after years of trying. The joy Harumpf felt was infectious. His whole family was there to celebrate with him. Everyone was very proud of Harumpf and agreed he would have a huge season next year in the VHL. Harumpf went on to spend the rest of the week celebrating and spending time with family.



The Harumpf family poses after their annual game of floor hockey. Oskars can be seen back row-middle.


Every off-season after his hometown workouts Harumpf enjoy spending time with his family, none of which are very tall. With the whole family being huge hockey fans they hold an annual floor hockey tournament in the Middelfart gymnasium. Not everyone can skate so this kind of evens the playing field otherwise Oskars would just dominate and it would be no fun at all. It's an all day event with 2 teams and they play a 7 game series. This year it went down the wire with Harumpf setting up his wife Olga (seen far left in the green shirt) for the game winning goal in overtime of game 7! Harumpf dished a saucer pass over the heads of everyone on the court (roughly 5ft off the ground) and it landed right on Olga's blade, all she had to do was tap it in. Another great pass by Harumpf to win a game. We swear his skills have no limit. Good times were had by all the Harumpf's and they had a nice big meal after the game and drank into the night. It was wonderful for Harumpf to spend time with his family during the off-season. It refreshed him and kept things in perspective heading into next season. There's no doubt Harumpf will be ready to roll this season for Helsinki and after achieving his lifetime goal of a sub 10-minute mile, anything is possible for the dynamic diminutive playmaker.


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Media Spot for Week of (2/2-2/8)

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Content: 3/3 - Three cheers for Harumpf! Definitely got some chuckles out of me, enjoyed reading it.


Grammar: 2/2 - Just one thing of note here, was well-written throughout


Harumpf enjoy spending time = Harumpf enjoys spending time


Appearance: 1/1 - Mainly just for Olga


Total: 6/6

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