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VHLSC: S42 Rankings #6 - Final Showcase


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Welcome back to the VHLSC's rankings of the Season 42 prospects in preparation for the 42nd VHL Entry Draft. This ranking will be quite short in content because it is basically just to set everyone up for tomorrow. Hopefully the draftees are excited because the General Managers are doing their homework and planning their own draft boards. Movement this week actually saw some draftees prove they are top selection worthy. It looks right now that at least seven prospects would be top end talent no matter what draft they are in. I should point out that Atticus Finch and Benjamin Zeptenbergs are making a name for themselves as the only prospects moving in the back half of the rankings.


Through the past five rankings we got to see a lot of prospects shine and a lot prove their worth. Tomorrow we are hoping that they are excited when their name is called and hopefully they strive to be one of the best of their draft class. We wish the GM's luck as well as the players and hope it goes smoothly! Cheers!

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