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Jaladolar is a Liar.


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Last week I made a statement that I was underappreciated in this here league, and made many very valid points as to what that is. I made an effort to point out that I was not included in the VHLM This Week despite starting out with some great insight as to my history in the sport and how I have gotten to where I am today. I received some mixed responses for it, but in general I was appreciated for my honesty.


The writer of VHLM This Week even promised me that I would be in the next edition of the posting.


lol people read my weekly?
You'll be in next week ;)
As you can see, this quote signifies a binding contract which meant I was looking forward to this week for someone making note of my recent accomplishments. It was going to be a great week starting off with people really finding out who I was.
Instead, we got this:




See my name anywhere? Of course you don't. That is because this Jaladolar fella is a no good rotten liar, and the VHLM police need to look into this travesty as I remain underappreciated and will never get into the VHL at this point if the media is completely ignoring me.


I demand justice!

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