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Look ma , no hands


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Stick handling is a real skill that takes years of practice. When i was younger i spent hours and hours working on my game.


Grip is extremely important.


I used to add some tape on my sticks shaft to increase grip but these days i dont even need it since my hands are insanely strong.


 Ive noticed that you get the best results when you practice with bare hands. Get those muscles strong faster.  Some people make mistake and only work with one hand, i made sure to improve my left hand also which was weaker. Sure it felt weird first but you just need to keep on going.You really feel the difference on ice. 


Not bragging but i bet none of you can stick handle like i can. When you see me with my stick , two hand grip. You can just stand still , mouth and eyes wide open and take it all in.


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Charles Poliquan is a big believer in thick grip. Practicing with thicker sticks would actually stimulate many more muscles in the hands and forearms that with the conventional hockey sticks. This is the simple concept of irradiation. 


It's the same reason that when you want to show off your biceps, you forcibly squeeze your fist tightly to get maximum power.


Therefore, I endorse this article.



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