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Claimed:A Rookie Season to Remember [FINAL 6/6]


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A Stolzschweiger Worthy Season



Zoidberg focuses before the puck drops.

GP: 72 G:54 A:57 P:111 +/-:11 H:61 S:500 SB:45 AMG:29:31


Sachimo Zoidberg entered the VHL coming off a 190 point season with the Bratislava Watchmen which culminated in a Founder's Cup victory. Coming in as a highly touted rookie there was a lot of pressure on Zoidberg to repeat his offensive performance. Zoidberg did not disappoint as after a slow start out of the gate, he found his feet in the big leagues and would overtake Jody 3 Moons as leading rookie scorer.



Goals: 54 (Third in League, first among Rookies)

Points: 111 (Sixth in League, first among Rookies)

Shots: 500 (Sixth in League, second among Rookies)


In the opponent's end of the ice Zoidberg was a shark who smelt blood in the water. Zoidberg fired the puck on net 500 times over the course of 72 games, which is good for sixth in the league and was only outshot by Brady Stropko among rookie skaters. His 54 goals put him in third in the league and first among rookies, and his 57 assists showed he wasn't overly selfish with the puck. The 111 points Zoidberg scored was good for sixth in the league and tops among rookies, one point over Jody 3 Moons. Overall it was a very solid rookie campaign for Zoidberg in the offensive categories.



Hits: 61 (Fifth among Legion forwards)

Shot Blocks: 45 (Tied-first among Legion forwards)

+/-: +11 (First among Legion Skaters)


On the opposite side of the puck Zoidberg was a solid player as well in his rookie season. +11 was the best amongst Legion players, and his 45 shot blocks tied Devon Sundberg for leader amongst forwards. Zoidberg's lack of physical play carried through from the minors, but he did throw 61 hits which shows he's not afraid to get into the corners. Zoidberg addressed a lot of concerns on whether he would be a one-dimensional scorer in his rookie year. Looking forward he should become a solid two-way threat that could eventually push for the Scott Boulet Trophy.



The coveted Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy.


Sachimo Zoidberg had this to say about his rookie season and his quest for the Stolzschweiger.


"Coming into the season I knew the Legion would be in tough to crack the playoffs, let alone win a Continental Cup. That was why I announced my intent for the season would be to win the Stolzschweiger, and I feel like I'm knocking on the door for it.


I had a bit of a tough time adjusting to the pace of the VHL and the increased workload, but as the season progressed I felt better about my play. By the midway point I felt like I had hit my stride and felt I had an honest chance at catch 3 Moons in scoring. It was a wild ride as it took until the last games of our respective seasons, but I had a big outing against the Dynamo and that propelled me over 3 Moons.


Toronto has been a great place for me to start out and I'm thankful they gave me the chance to start my career here. We have a solid core with a lot of leadership and I think that's what helped me catch fire so quickly. I would like to thank all my teammates and the management team who all helped me in my rookie year. I would not have been able to acclimate to the league as quickly as I did without you.


I hope to win the trophy, but even if I don't I feel like I am the rookie of the year. I had a huge year on the stat sheet, but also as a person I grew a ton and learnt so much."

Word Count: 600+
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Content: 3/3 - Solid writing, thought it was a good look back on the season. Nice job here.


Grammar: 2/2 - A comma or two missing, but otherwise just that it's "Devin", not "Devon" Sundberg


Presentation: 1/1 - Si senor. Always appreciate setting apart quote boxes too.


Total: 6/6

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