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No Duddy? Bah Humbug


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Today CowboyinAmerica decided to give his opinion on the upcoming VHLM Dispersal Draft. He had the usual suspects all over the draft board, from Josh Merica to Tasty E, even “look at me Clardy” found a place on the list, but one person was missing, the person that means the most to myself. Who that person is? It’s me, the Thomas Duddy, the former SHL superstar, the guy that is everything you want in a franchise forward. Why? I have no idea. I just need to be more LOOK AT ME, I’M HERE TOO. But that’s not my style, I’m awesome. You either love me or you just don’t know me. I’m not only a natural born sexy hockey player, I’m also a natural born leader. People love to have me as their captain, when I say jump, they ask how high?. My activity has been nothing short of splendid, just missed one weeks point task because I was sick and felt like road kill. Since that week, I did everything asked of me and I will continue to do so. If you draft me you will get one hell of a player, person and I can do kick ass stuff with paint.


VHLM take notice.

Edited by Duddy
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