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Welcome to the S41 Super Cup


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Hello everyone, I will be the Season 41 Super Cup Commissioner and I am looking forward to bringing you our third installment of the VHL Super Cup.  This post is just to remind you of a few things and let you know of how we will be running a lot of it this year.


DRAFT TIME AND DATE: Wednesday, February 11th...7:00 PM EST (IT WILL BE LIVE!)



Stanando - Lars Berger Kings

Frank - Jardy Bunclewirthlesses

YEAH! - Brekker Bad

Greg - Strauss the Grouses

Ninetyfourgoalie - Walcott Your Ass

Rami - Singhing In The Rain



1. Walcott Your Ass (Conference 1)

2. Brekker Bad (Conference 2)

3. Strauss the Grouses (Conference 1)

4. Singhing in the Rain (Conference 2)

5. Jardy Bunclewirthlesses (Conference (1)

6. Lars Berger Kings (Conference 2)




We will of course be doing a snake draft.



Sixteen picks will be made by each team in tonight's draft to accompany their own player.  Each team will be responsible for assembling a roster of nine forwards, six defenders and two goalies.


**This tournament is all about promoting our currently active players and therefore no inactives can be taken before actives at the same position.  For example, if there is only one 20 TPE active forward left, a team has to pick him before looking at a 500 TPE inactive forward.  Luckily, with how many active forwards and goalies we have, there will be no inactives at either spot and only a few inactive defenders by my count, will be drafted.**




The Round Robin will be played to determine the seeds for the Playoff Rounds.  Each team will play twenty games in order to determine their seeding position from 1 to 6.  In addition, the leaders of each conference will get a bye into the Semi-Finals.


The Playoffs will be three rounds.  The top two teams from each Conference will receive a bye into the next round, while the teams ranked from 3 to 6 will battle it out in the quarter finals (3v6 and 4v5).  Each playoff series (quarters, semi's and finals) will be best of three meaning that the first team to win twice wins the series.




Please check the Player List at the link below to see all the players in the draft and to see where you stack up.  All the TPE totals are based on the current roster pages rather than the update pages (excluding season 43 guys so some of them had updates showing), and no inactives with under 100 TPE were put on the spreadsheet.  IF YOU HAVE EARNED TPE AND UPDATED IT YOU WILL BE ON THE LIST.  However, I will not be making any more changes at this point...there will be future Super Cups to participate in.




Please let me know if you have any questions.  Just in advance, I have no idea about rewards or the day the first sim will start.  I will have to discuss that with Higgins and the rest of the blue group.

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It was randomly generated and they are all pretty even in qualify except for Rami's guy.  As for him, it is a snake draft but if you want to quickly provide a solution that is better I will more than listen.


Rami has also told me he likes where he is in the draft order.

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