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Claimed:Taurus Player Agency Finds New Hope [Final 6/6]


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The Taurus player agency has possibly been the absolutely worse player agency in the history of Hockey. At least, the most unfortunate. Two players have been signed on to the player agency in the last five years, both bright, highly coveted players. Both stocky defensemen, Ryan Barrett and Dyemond Fondalear were ready to take the league by storm. Until, everyone's most hated enemy came and did it's best to ruin these two's bright careers. That enemy was life. Let's look back on these two extremely unfortunate situations. Ryan Barrett was a mean and gritty defensemen out of Ireland. He, for lack of better words, "didn't take no shit." and a lot of coaches liked that. He played with an intensity and some professional players don't have today and he lost a few teeth because of it. Things were bright for this defensemen, until he was arrested in his Los Angeles home for running an underground fighting ring. It's not much of a surprise, most of Barrett's time was spent in the penalty box after beating the hell out of the other teams winger, center, defensemen or even goalie. Ryan Barrett is still incarcerated and will likely not have any type of future in professional hockey. Dyemond Fondalear wasn't as well-known as Barrett was, but after he signed onto Taurus Player Agency, his stock rose quickly. With the Agency supporting such a circus act/ticket seller in Barrett, coaches were intrigued to see what was off about Dyemond, to find what screw was lose. This defensemen wasn't like Barrett at all, much more calm and composed. He was labeled by some, a silent assassin and rarely talked trash on the ice. When it came time to be drafted into the minors however, Fondalear vanished. He has yet to be found and is rumored to be living somewhere between Canada and Mexico. T.T. Taurus, the owner of Taurus Player Agency, sat in a bar, alone, fearing that his company would never find that it player. Then, he looked across the bar and saw a small, old TV and tapes that someone was showing another Hockey fan in the bar. This kid was amazing, his skating looked simple and his scoring was phenomenal. This was the player he needed. He asked who the player was and the drunken man told him to go to "Uhhhhh, Bri-bristol, England." Taurus made his way to Bristol as fast as he could, searching the streets and all the local schools to find this player he'd watched with a buzz in a bar back home. He searched and searched and then when all hope was lost and he had pretty much given up, he'd found the player. The messiah. "What's that kids name." Taurus asked a spectator, and they responded, "Kewl Runnings."

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Content: 3/3 - Great little article. It was an interesting read and possibly a favourite of mine. :)

Grammar: 2/2 - Things


"absolutely worse" - maybe just me but it sounds off. Absolute worst sounds better

"He played with an intensity and some professional players don't have today" - He played with an intensity THAT some...

"would never find that it player." - I think you mean, "That 'IT' player". Just reads weird by not emphasizing IT.

"another Hockey fan in the bar" - hockey doesn't need to be capitalized.

Appearance: 1/1 - It all looks good.

Overall: 6/6

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