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Claimed:Pablo Escabar Rookie Profile [Final 8/8]


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Pablo Escabar- Big Man On Campus



Pablo Escabar, sounds Mexican. Although he has Mexican in his genes, he was born and raised in Canada twenty one years ago. Pablo's parents moved to Ontario, Canada when he was still in the whom. They got into a bunch of trouble with the Mexican drug cartel, and they were looking for a new and better start for their son. Being raised in Canada really gave Pablo a great opportunity to play hockey, it really helps that he grew up to be 6'6 and 250 pounds. All of the kids in school picked on him and made fun of him for being so big, they would call him names like big foot and troll or even butch. Pablo's high school hockey coach saw the potential and skill that Pablo had and helped him strive for his dream to one day come true. The dream to play in the Victory Hockey League.

Since Pablo started playing hockey everyone has been comparing him to the Boston Bruins superstar Zdeno Chára, They both are big defenders and have a lot of body weight to throw around, and they both have a wicked hard slap shot. After constantly being compared to Chara so much in his life, Pablo Escabar decided to start learning to play almost identical to Chara's game. He watched practice clips and lots of games, striving to learn as much as possible. Pablo now knows he has the skill to be in the VHLM, but will he have the dedication and passion to reach the Victory Hockey League Hall of Fame?


Size: Pablo has a lot of weight to throw for hits, as well as to put in the way of shots. He has never had problems blocking shots or intimidating the opposing team. Pablo likes to make the others players fear going on one on ones on him. Being bigger than his opposition usually tends to rattle the other team that he faces.

Defense: This falls under the whole size pro, although it also helps Pablo with his defensive awareness. Knows the perfect time to cut of passing lanes and when to poke the puck away. Pablo is a very good stick lifter and can time it perfectly not to get a slashing penalty. 

Scoring: When Pablo has an open wind up, he can release a cannon. Pablo's shot is one of the hardest ever seen, he has hospitalized numerous players and fans because of it. Setting up the passes and one-timers is another specialty he has. The scoring aspect of his game is what he intends on mastering to help him become a solid two-way defender in the VHL.


Fighting: Pablo grew up in a well raised catholic home. Its not that he can not fight, but he chooses not too. There is no thrill seen in it. If he wanted to be a fighter he would have strived to be in the Ultimate Fighting League. One day he hopes he can go up against the best of them and even knock out a few people and make some of them lose their teeth.

Puck Handling: Its something that need improvement, Pablo has plans to build it up has soon has be gets the basics down of the new speed game play he is not quiet use to. In tryouts, he has caused a few turnovers that should have never happened.

Experience: This one is for more being in the Victory Hockey League form wise. Pablo is not use to form simulated leagues, and hopes to gain experience learning from skilled and talented members of the league. Hopefully he can continue his experience and it can grow on him. He wants to become a better player and in time he believes he can accomplish that.

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Overview: 2/2 - Everything is there, and you hit the overall word mark.


Pros & Cons: 3/3 - The pros and cons are solid, and you hit the word mark there as well. Good to go.


Grammar: 2/2 - Not enough wrong to dock anything.


"whom" - womb

"superstar Zdeno Chára, " - should be a period at the end, not a comma.

"Knows the" - He knows the

"cut of" - cut off

"Its not that he can not fight" - it's. Missing an apostrophe.

"Its something that need improvement," - It's something that needs improvement. Missing an apostrophe and typo on "needs".

"has soon has be gets the basics down of the new speed game play he is not quiet use to." - as soon as he gets the basics down of the new speed gameplay he is not quite used to. A few typos.




Presentation: 1/1 - Looks good.


Overall: 8/8



Good luck with the career!

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