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Claimed:Rookie Profile: Thomas Duddy, LW [FINAL 8/8]


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Full Name: Thomas Duddy

Age: 25 (some say he's 55)

Born: Austria

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 190

Number: 7


Austrian-born left wing Thomas Duddy has just recently joined the VHLM ranks. After spending 12 seasons in a different SIM league, Duddy got bored with retirement and decided to give it one last go. Now we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of this old dog who learned some new tricks.






Let’s start with his most obvious strength: his scoring ability. With multiple 20 goal season under his belt in the SHL, Duddy’s shooting abilities have been well documented. His wristshot is on point as it has always been, sniping goals left and right.  His slapshot has always been a kind of a “weak” spot, but he seems to have trained it during his retirement. It also seems that Mr. Duddy has some new moves in his arsenal. During his recent stint with the Bern Royals, the shot-happy winger showed off his new dangling skills. He tried and executed more fancy dangles, making it seem like his old wrist found some new ligaments that can bend like rubber bands.




If you look at his body of work from before his time here, Duddy was never known for his effort in the defensive zone. He learned how to poke-check and he even threw some hits. Most of them were in practice, but at least he tries. He registered many more takeaways than giveaways in the few games he played for the Royals. 




When you think of a Captain, you think of one of the longest reigning captains in SHL history, a man who stayed with his team through thick and thin, someone who will lead by example.  His on and off the ice behavior has scouts drawing wild comparisons ranging from Mark Messier to Napoleon. He is the total package when it comes to being the face of a franchise.







After spending his whole first career without a fight, Duddy just isn’t a big fighter. He’d rather hurt you out on the ice, instead of bashing faces in with his fists. He kicks your whole team’s ass out on the ice with his scoring. He got challenged many times during his career but never wanted to fight.


He hates the other team’s players and fans


The Austrian born winger is a loyal guy, so if he is on a team, he IS ON THE TEAM.  HE is the team. No matter where he ends up in tonight’s Draft, Duddy will represent his new team’s colors with pride.  He will go straight on the attack if someone decides to go after his team. He hasn't shied away from calling out various players and organizations all around the SHL. Many think that it’s not the right conduct for a captain or a leader of a team, but Duddy is what he is. Sometimes his emotions get the best of him and he takes some retaliation penalties. 


He’s damn old


Age has caught up to this man, not as bad as Chris Chelios in his last few season, but you can see that his body has been through many battles. He is still a fast skater, but he has lost a step. Some say its rust; others say it’s just Father Time chopping up his knees. His shot, while still lethal, has lost some velocity and sometimes he just sleeps during team meetings when they are scheduled during his nap time.

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Overview: 2/2 - I personally might have liked to see a little bit more in the introduction paragraph, but you included all the information that was asked of you, so can't complain.


Pros & Cons: 3/3 - You had three of each, and they were well-thought out as well. Appreciated the humor of the cons. Great job here.


Grammar: 2/2 - Might have been a little confused by some of your Drew Magary-style all caps exclamations, but nothing that I could find that was actually wrong.


Presentation: 1/1 - The colors/underlining/bolding made sense and was easy to read.



Overall: 8/8

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