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Steal Of The Draft


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The Bern Royals made out like bandits today in the VHLM dispersal draft, landing American superstar Josh Merica with the second overall pick, that's right, he was still available at #2. Despite campaigning for the #1 pick and selling himself to Brampton, the Blades went in a different direction, and one can only wonder how long until they regret passing up on Merica.


I was able to catch up with Josh right after he left the podium, sporting the purple/black of his new team and asked him what he thought about falling to #2. "It's obviously a huge disappointment, I am the best player in this draft and to not get recognized as such is kind of disappointing, but on the bright side Bern sounds a lot better than Brampton, I'll go to Switzerland over Canada any day of the week.  I'm looking forward to working with Jala and dominating this coming season. You can just call me King Merica from now on, since royalty has to have a King, and you either give me the crown now or I'll take it by any means necessary."


That's all we get from him, as he was swept up by some scantily clad blonde women, who looked an awful lot like they were paid to be there for some sort of, umm, services. Needless to say, Merica may have fallen, incredibly, to the second pick, but Bern is making him feel right at home.

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