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Claimed:Francis York Morgan's Coffee - It Predicts 10th Overall [FINAL 6/6]


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My coffee told me an interesting thing today. This morning I was eating my classic breakfast of sausage and eggs and didn’t even plan on looking into my coffee for guidance today as I had a great sleep the night before. However something different caught my eye as the cream was mixing with the coffee. I looked more closely and I saw the message.







“Tonight you will be chosen for the elite much higher than expected.”


This caught me quite off-guard. I know that I had been championing myself as a better draft pick that deserved respect, but to see something like this was not how I planned on starting my day. For starters, I am a career beer league player, which is a history that pales in comparison to the majority of the current draft class. Second, my combine week was a complete disaster. While I only explained about the first day and the nightmare that followed, the rest of the week was just about the same. The fact is, I could not hack it whatsoever against my peers, and that killed my confidence towards the end of the week. Speaking with GMs gave me a bit more confidence, but it appeared that only one was really interested in me. Ottawa’s GM, Aksel Thomassen gave me a bit of confidence that he would be interested in drafting me, but he didn’t really say where he would draft me. He didn’t have a lot of enthusiasm, at least in comparison to what I expected.


However, looking back I think it was all about his strategy in terms of not giving anything away. He may have seen an amateur player with a big mouth who would be telling anyone and everyone that Ottawa was looking for me, causing other GMs to figure out what Ottawa was going to do in the draft. While this is all speculation, I can understand it.


The draft seemed to fly by, and I almost completely missed out on the festivities while I was pondering the coffee in my breakfast. I made it just in time for Brampton to make their first pick. When E’Twaun Delicious was picked, I was not surprised. He is a very good player, and from what I saw in the combine he was an obvious first overall pick. Josh Merica came up second, and while I believe he was a relatively new commodity, he came out of the woodwork fast and he was a clear up and comer with long-term potential. Michael Clardy was another player who wasn’t a long-term asset from my understanding, and him going top 3 was not a surprise to me at all. Getting in the top 5, let alone the top 3, was such a long shot I didn’t in my wildest dreams think that I would be picked that early. Players began to get picked, and the first round was just about to end, as Ottawa took Benjamin Zeptenbergs for their first draft pick. This put me back down to reality as I stopped believing in my coffee and expected to get drafted in round 3 or so.

However, the coffee once again proved itself correct, as just as the first round ended, Ottawa came through and drafted me 10th overall. This was definitely not what I expected, especially in a draft class that featured 40 of the top junior players in the world. However, since the coffee told me it was going to happen, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.


Moral of the story is to always believe your coffee. The coffee does not lie.





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Content: 3/3 - The coffee never lies, haven't you learned? One day you will, young Jedi. One day you will. (Oh, and well-written and kept me engaged and all that stuff.)


Grammar: 2/2 - Honestly, didn't notice anything, which is a solid achievement from me. Good work.


Presentation: 1/1 - I don't know whether that Sim is just depressed or really, really into his coffee.


Total: 6/6

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