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boubabi's Skin is available !


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Hello gentlemen


I've been working on a new skin for some time. After multiple problems, I've finally come up with an "OK" theme to use. I've always been a fan of dark design, it reduced eye fatigue from video glare and it has a really cool feeling. I kept the text area white to create a nice contrast here. Some adjustments are needed, but me and Higgins will work on this.


Of course, I would like some review too, what you like, what could be improved, etc. Since we can choose between multiple skins, I thought that having this kind of design was lacking here. I hope you'll enjoy this. 


I worked hard on this and since I'm no way near of being good at coding, it was very rewarding in the end. If you see some flaws, it may be because I didn't saw it, so let me know via PM or chat if you find something. 


The skin is now available as "boubabi's skin" in the footer.

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Please no.  I hate reading light fonts on dark backgrounds.  Good balance here IMO.


I find the white bg / black bg hard on the eyes. Maybe grey filler?

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