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Claimed:FDR: A Hockey Life [FINAL 8/8]

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Position - Defense
Number - 77
Height - 5'8"
Weight - 250lbs
Hometown - New York City
Age - 34

Franklin Delano Romanowski has always been a fiery hockey player, known to wish for his opponents to drop dead. He is one of those players that every team would love to have on their side, but hate to play against. Although FDR never played professionally or at the amateur level, he grew his Legend on the ponds and the local ice rinks of New York. When FDR was 18, Jerry York, the Head Coach of the Boston College Eagles, heard the tales of FDR and decided to come down to New York and recruit him to his school. As rumor has it, FDR gave him the "Evil Eye" and York drove home petrified. No other hockey coach had contacted him until now. At the age of 34, FDR has finally decided to give hockey a real shot and he entered the VHLM Draft, getting selected by the Brampton Blades.


Checking - The biggest strength of FDR's game is his bruising style of play. Many have compared his desire to hurt his opponents to that of NHL Legend Scott Stevens. Whenever FDR is on the ice, opposing players must keep their head up. He will go out of his way to hit whoever he can, sometimes putting him out of position on the defensive end. Some may call him dirty, but FDR does not mind that. In fact, he seems to enjoy that label.

Defense - Although FDR can be out of position at times, his second biggest strength is his defensive game. He doesn't have much of a reach, being only 5'8", but he uses his weight to his advantage. He wins almost every battle in his defensive end and relies on his defensive partner to retrieve the puck and clear it. FDR also clears the front of his net like nobody else. His goalie will always have a clear look at an outside shot, mostly due to FDR.

Fighting - FDR has not had a hockey fight in years. Not because he can't fight, but because nobody will fight him. And do you blame them? Typically FDR will give the "Evil Eye" and that is all that is needed. Before his reputation proceeded him, foolish players would decide to drop the gloves with him. Most of them do not exist anymore and the ones that do have had major facial reconstructive surgery.


Skating - Being 5'8", 250lbs can have it's benefits, but it can also have it's downfalls. One of those would be FDR's skating ability. Not only is he not fast, but he can't cut to save his life. This is one of the reasons he rarely leaves his defensive zone. If the puck is loose, do not expect FDR to be the first one to it.

Passing - FDR does not pass the puck. Instead he flips it into the air and hopes a teammate retrieves it. This can get frustrating being on the ice with him, but nobody would dare complain. FDR's passing ability is what one would call, non-existent.

Scoring - I've been scouting FDR for years now and I don't think I have once seen him shoot the puck. He told me he scored a goal when he was 27 years old, but there are no records of it and no witnesses to it. Truthfully I have no idea if he has a good shot or not, but I highly doubt it.

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Overview: 2/2 - All the information that is needed was there, and it was a sizable introduction paragraph that set the stage quite well.


Pro/Cons: 3/3 - I really enjoyed these a lot. The reasoning behind your selections was amusing, and it was more entertaining than the dry attributes that would be on a normal scouting report. Although I would think the wheelchair would make fighting tough...


Grammar: 2/2 - Just a few small things that I caught.


his Legend = no reason to be capitalized

it's benefits ... it's downfalls = its benefits... its downfalls


Presentation: 1/1 - Si senor.


Overall: 8/8

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