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Needed 150 words to help me get to 99 defense, and I figured why not write about why I want 99 defense. I feel that defense is an underrated or misunderstood stat for offensive minded forwards. It's not only a defenders bread and butter, it's also a good stat to have to create offense and have a complete player.


Defense is a positive offensive stat to build up because it helps you score points. While it doesn't do so directly, as do scoring or passing, it helps you turn the puck over which in turn allows you to make those passes or shots. Which in turn helps you in your own end and makes you a more valuable player. In today's world of hockey, all the elite players are at very least competent in their own end. Players who aren't are developing or won't ever reach that elite level.


A quick look at a stat a lot of offensive players don't value that highly. Hope this helped open some eyes out there.

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