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To come play in Seattle


Why would you want to play for the Seattle Bears? That's a great question friend and for that I have great answers. Seattle is a the place to be for all the best players in the VHL. Just look at the young talent we have. Smyl is the goalie of the future, Ball, Blade, and Brovalenko are three of the nicest guys you will meet (unless you meet them on the opposite end of the ice), and don't get me started on that defense they got there. I mean why go head to head with those brutes when you can have them behind you, protecting not only the net, but your ass when you start to run your mouth on the ice (believe me, when your a Bear, there's a lot of reasons to be trash talking the other teams). Hell you don't even really have to wanna play for the Bears to join the team. Do you like coffee? Seattle is world renown for it's hot cup of joe. Do you hate the sun and nice weather? Of course you do, I mean we play inside a rink, ontop of ice, freezing our asses off. Well, you can enjoy that cold, miserable feeling at all times in Seattle. It rains half the time anyway and we are right at the top of the country, so you know its gonna be cold. Do I got your attention yet? I'm sure i do but i'll keep going anyway. Seattle's got some of the best fans around. They show up loud, proud, and ready to cheer their home team every single game (I mean they got nothing better to do anyway so why not) So, to sum it all up, were probably gonna see you this offseason and we look forward to having (insert your name here) be apart of the greatest team to ever set foot in the VHL. Together we stand, divided your gonna lose to the Bears.

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