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I always found it helpful when I was starting out to be able to recognize where everyone started. It's kinda discouraging to see so many good artists around you and not be able to make anything decent yourself. People's first sigs have certainly come a long way, and god knows I have, but looking at the old ESHL board made me think about my first sig and how awful it was.


So, I offer it to you now. Hopefully this can be used as inspiration and to show that everyone starts somewhere. This was my first sig and it was made almost 8 years ago:




If you still have your first I invite you to share it and we can all laugh at ourselves together. Or everyone can just laugh at me, whatever.


P.S I did do that cut, that's about the only decent thing I did with this sig haha. GIMP eraser tool FTW.

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All the way back in November of 2010, for the SHL's very first world cup.


I think I "cut" these renders by copying and pasting two premade cuts, then using the eraser tool in GIMP to take out all the black.

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