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S20 VHLM Dispersal Draft


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Round One

1. Brampton Battalion: Andreas Bjorkman
2. Bern Royals: Niklas Kristensen
3. Bern Royals: Samson St. Cloud
4. Oslo Screaming Seamen: Devon Saxter
5. Vasteras Jr. (via Saskatoon Wild): R.J. Stafford
6. Vasteras Jr.: Evgeni Fyodorov
7. Kolari: S.J. Stafford
8. Minot: Lady Gaga

Round Two

9. Brampton Battalion: B.J. Stafford
10. Ottawa Ice Dogs: Drew Hamilton
11. Ottawa Ice Dogs: Nick Rash
12. Ottawa Ice Dogs (via Oslo Screaming Seamen ): Yan Feng
13. Oslo (via Saskatoon Wild): J.J. Stafford
14. Vasteras Jr.: Szovák Nikoletta Furik
15. Kolari: T.J. Stafford
16. Minot: Grigory Koulikov

Round Three

17. Brampton Battalion: Jeff Stray
18. Bern Royals: Alex Trojano
19. Ottawa Ice Dogs: Justin Hardy
20. Oslo Screaming Seamen: PASS
21. Saskatoon Wild: PASS
22. Vasteras Jr.: Liang Yuling
23. Kolari: PASS
24. Minot: PASS

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