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Costume Party Goes Awry


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Davos, SWITZERLAND - With a night off on the eve of all souls day, the HC Davos Dynamo took the opportunity to kick back and have some fun. Whilst they haven't been perfect on the ice, they've played well and currently hold secure position in the European playoff picture. As somewhat of a reward, head coach Terrence Fong decided to cancel practice and host a team costume party for players, family and friends. The one rule of the party being that each player had to dress in a costume that represented them in some way, be it their roles on the team, their names or their alter-egos.


Of course, rookie Tony Stark dressed as an Avenger, but not the one you would think. No, he came dressed as Natasha Romanoff's Black Widow! Teammates had fun with that one. The rest of the team's costumes seemed to vary in creativity, with few reaching that level of hilarity. Shane Baker came as Baby New Year, being one of the youngest; Matt Bentley donned a British Guard costume, and Matteo Gallo wore a Captain Kirk get-up. Veteran Keiji Toriyama came as a samurai, while Thomas Landry dressed up as Robin, a throwback to his days in New York. Two other veterans came in a pairs costume, Steven Stamkos and Jarkko Olsen showing up as a couple of ghosts.


However, one costume was the most controversial, as he dressed up as Jerry Sandusky, disgraced assistant coach of Penn State University! Several children ran in fear as he followed them and offered them candy and a bath.

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