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Brovalenko ranks teams 8 - 6


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At Number 8



Nothing against Mike, but the team is in a full on rebuild that was just started last season, and I do not see you making the playoffs or being a competitor next season.


At Number 7



Another team in a full on rebuild, would have been much higher if Advantage you were still competing, so that is why you are so low cause I do not expect your rebuild to be finished and ready to compete next season.


At Number 6 



Great team this season, is a good team with studs everywhere, Labatte, Rybak, Wozniak etc. But I know you have been holding off on the rebuild for quite awhile and with those three stars leaving int he next two seasons I just dont see you you competing with such huge tpe players leaving. For that reason you are here, obviously would be way higher if you had plans on competing but I just dont see it.



5 -3 next week.

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