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Who is the simmer? And line updates


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  • Head Moderator

Ok this is starting to get frustrating.

Do we have a third simmer in the rotation (Higgins).

I've lost track of how many times my lines haven't been used like today again where Dav G played PLUS I have the wrong lines.

Is there maybe like a central file drop we can keep lines updated and simmers can check to see if there is a newer update for team lines before simming? I've counted now 6 losses directly stemming from incorrect or line inputs or goalie inputs.

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  • Head Moderator

Whats the diff from me doing the lines and Victor? Either way they wouldn't have been updated.

Maybe you guys are ok if u use one line thru the entire season but I use specific lines against specific teams that require me to input them every couple Sims.

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