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I am pleased to announce that the coming week (Monday November 11th to Sunday November 17th) will be a doubles week in the VHL! It can be called the Remembrance Day Doubles Week, commemorating the usual as well as the fall of the second VHL website. RIP.

Doubles week means the final grade of your Point Task (only Media Spot, Graphic, or 6-point Podcast) is doubled. Welfare/Pension is also eligible to be doubled. Mag writers receive 13 TPE this week.


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You ass, I thought the TD was the second announcement and I wrote about how much of a disappointment it was

Now my media spot is stupid :(


Since new players get their first three point tasks doubled, I could get up to 24 TPE on a media spot this week? Or do those three doubled weeks for new players gets bumped a week?

yeah you get 4 doubles weeks in essence
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