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Why does RGIII Have Such Bad Stats?


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I guess I don't care too much since the Lynx are the best team in the league this year, but RGIII has been absolutely awful this year. I would bring up his stats but the S35 index is not available right now for some reason. I think he has around 7 goals and 4 assists, which is absolutely awful considering he has over 100 tpe and is getting a good amount of playing time. The only reason to this problem I can think of is skating and defense are a really big part of the sim. I was following the "optimal tpe setup" on the Ottawa Lynx forum, but I'm not sure that this is optimal. I think that skating and defense play a bigger role than most other stats (I have heard from some GMs and such that defense is really important). So I'm going to get my skating and defense to 60 soon to see if that fixes anything, and if not I'll just be convinced the sim in the VHLM hates me. Hopefully my guy will get better stats in the future. Or maybe I just have a bad GM :). But whatever, Ottawa is still playing great and if we win a cup I won't mind bad stats as much.

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