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The Future of the VHL


Every year we see a new crop of young players enter the Victory Hockey League pro ranks, and every year we see a ton of potential. Some of these young stars end up being duds and some end up being franchise players. In this report we shed light on some of the young players who may be flashes of brilliance in the near future, if they aren't already. Keep in mind that not all these players are rookies and most have had a good chunk of conditioning and progress in the VHLM before getting the call up.




Willem Janssen

Willem Janssen is a year removed from being an entry draft selection by the Vasteras Iron Eagles. Janssen is a rare blend of both smarts and skill and is a hard young player to track down. Willem brings it all to the ice when the game starts and never turns off until the final whistle. The Dutch superstar is a fast player and very surprisingly for a big guy at 6"3, 225 lbs. Janssen can put the puck in the net and impose his will on opponents with his knack for hitting. Known growing up as a quiet kid that simply didn't stop putting the puck in the net, he has found those same traits in his VHL career thus far. Janssen works hard and that is why he is on the Vasteras top line for power play and even strength. The only thing hindering Janssen production going forward is staying on a Vasteras team who has been in a rebuild since JFK was assassinated a long time ago.




Ville Sixten

Ville Sixten is a young Helsinki-born defenseman who the Legion have high praise for. Sixten was a hot commodity at the Season 34 VHL Entry draft because he was a position of need for many teams. Toronto was able to grab Sixten and every since then have hoped his potential would reach unlimited possibilities. Sixten has a good combination of offensive and defensive skills that he brings to the table. Ville isn't top notch in either area of his game but he isn't a liability either. If Sixten can reach his potential and bring his A game he could be one of the leagues best in a couple seasons. As previous stated defenseman are few and far between in this league when it comes to having quality ones on your blue line. Toronto is hoping their young Finnish star can put the whole package together for a long stretch of playoff runs.




Davey Jones

Davey Jones might just be the most underrated rookie in this seasons crop of young stars. The Miami native has the best point-per-game average for any rookie this season and still doesn't get the credit he deserves. When many people will give the homer vote to Lennox Moher for his stellar play with Davos, Jones has be wracking up points on the second line in Cologne. Davey is perfect compliment to Kameron Taylor as the second punch in the lineup. Davey Jones can score and he can do it often using his great awareness and quick release. Cologne was and still is very high on the kid they drafted a season ago in the entry draft. After spending an extra year in the VHLM, Davey came out with a chip on his shoulder. When Kameron Taylor eventually retires Davey Jones will take over the reigns, as the big piece in this franchise and Cologne has no disagreements with it. Jones is hoping this year people look his way for the ROY trophy based solely on his numbers with mediocre line mates.



The future looks bright for all three of these youngsters, but there are also a good dozen more that have huge careers coming. If the Victory Hockey League can patch up some of it's Administrative messes and weak Commissioning, we might be able to make this league even more attractive to youngsters. Here is hoping we all continue to see growth!



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Content: 3/3 - A nice write-up about some of the lesser known young players coming into the league. I agree with you that Jones (much like Dunlop previously) don't get the credit league-wide that they deserve since Cologne doesn't have a star-studded line up. These three players should have quite successful VHL careers.


Grammar: 1.75/2 - Almost a 1.5, but not quite. A few number of mistakes.


Janssen production = Janssen's production

Season 34 VHL Entry draft = Season 34 VHL Entry Draft

every since = ever since

leagues best = league's best

stated defenseman = stated defensemen

this seasons = this season's

be wracking = been wracking

Davey is perfect = Davey is the perfect


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 5.75/6

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Content: 3/3 - Two of the S33 Bratislava Watchmen are on this list! Glad to see two of my former teammates kicking ass, especially sweet to see Davey Jones getting some credit for how rad he's doing.
Grammar: 1.75/2 - You apparently got smited by the head grader, ouch.
Appearance: 1/1 - Prettier than Hillary Clinton on a good day. It sounded more like a compliment in my head.
Overall: 5.75/6 - A quarter of a point? I wonder where they all go? Where do they all come from?
FINAL: 6/6
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