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Fuck you Jeevan Samuelsson!


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Hey we're on the same team but I don't care, fuck you! Fuck you for stealing my thunder and fuck you for putting up 2.5x more points than I do. You're an inactive, why the fuck do you get all the attention! How do you get so many points when I have twice as much TPE as you do! You're not even playing on the top line! Fuck you for making me look bad and making me the worst forward on this team points wise! I don't even know the user that created you, but fuck you too! You don't even get to enjoy how well your player is while I get to sit and be frustrated because I'm putting up a worst season than last year and have the most TPE in the VHLM, which is bullshit! I hope you get a season ending injury so I start getting more time and playing better! In conclusion, fuck you!

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