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Vasteras Switches Up Lines


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Currently sitting in 4th place of the European conference and nine points out of a playoff spot, Vasteras Iron Eagles GM Thomas Corcoran decided that enough was enough, and shuffled his lineup completely. 

"We have gone with basically the same lineup the entire season, and it has only gotten us this far; we need a jump, and hopefully the shuffling of lines will fix this..."said Corcoran.

Possibly the biggest change was the demotion of franchise center Leon Leitner to the 2nd line with Adam Kylrad taking the #1C spot. 


"I've talked to Leon about this and I think he knows why the change is happening. Hopefully Adam [Kylrad] will be able to find better chemistry with Janssen and Schwarz Esq.

The 3rd overall pick of S35 has been struggling, and with only 19 points in 52 games, both the Iron Eagles and Leitner are hoping that these are just growing pains and not signs of what is to come in the future.

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