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VHLM all-time GMs


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I had Oslo from S38-S41.

Doomsday was before me, at least since S35 but you'd have to check the old LR for 32-35.


Yeah, I remember starting in S35, I think S37 was the last season.


I was also the Assistant GM in Turku's final season.

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Somehow, in several sittings, I have waded through all the bullshit to fully and almost accurately fill out this list. I still had to guess some of the first seasons sometimes cuz fuck early VHLM.


Anyway, complete and spiced up like the VHL version. Phewf.

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3 minutes ago, Evans said:


I noticed that and wasn't sure if it was just coincidence or just the way things were done lol

Some use it as a stepping stone in VHL management, lots of these are risky choices which don't always pan out (you wouldn't give a VHL GM job to a rookie but it happens all the time in the VHLM). And of course until S20 it was also reliant on how good the VHL team was and the player turnover going on there.

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some new information has came to my attention.



S2 - Jeff Downey
S3-S4 - Maxim Desny
S5 - The Q
S6 - Daric Radmonovic
S10 - Detective Zero
S11 - Next One
S12-S16 - Quik
S17-S19 - Jeff Hunter (Hybrid)
S20 - Advantage
S21 - InstantRockstar
S24-S26 - koradek
S28-Present - Advantage



S2 - Joey Kendrick
S3-S4 - Danny Tremblay
S5 - Brett Noiles
S6-S7 - Derek Harland
S11-S12 - Zach Arce
S14-S16 - Streetlight
S20-S25 - Zach Manship
S30 - Smarch
S31-Present - InstantRockstar


Vasteras J-20/Moscow

S2-S8 - PensFan
S5 - marshall_22
S7 - Trepanov
S8 - Hagstrom
S9 - Hoax
S15 - Zach Arce
S19-S27 - Edgar
S28 - Frank
S30 - Edgar
S32 - Taron47



S2 - Brett Slobodzian
S3-S4 - Scott Boulet
S5 - CK16
S6-S8 - Scott Boulet
S10 - Matt Bentz
S11 - RawEnergy
S16-S19 - Jardy Bunclewirth
S20-S26 - Spangle
S28-S29 - mutigers28
S30 - Greg Harbinson



S2-S4 - Chris Julien
S5-S6 - Brett Slobodzian
S7 - Chris Julien
S8 - Brett Slobodzian
S10-S12 - Joey Kendrick
S13 - S16 - Kaiser Straf (VanCoughnett(
S18 - Gabriel Cederland (thepoint17)
S19 - sherifflobo
S20 - Joey Clarence
S23: Nagger
S24: InstantRockstar
S25-S29: Mitch Higgins
S30: Tom Corcoran (Oranze_Zebra)
S31 - Greg Harbinson (gregreg)
S32 - Mike Boss (Sandow)
S31-Present - 701



S2-S6 - Matt Cornell (nibbz)
S10 - t-man321
S11-S14 - Sebastian Ball (sball66)
S15-S16 - Robert Sharpe (Beketov)
S17 - Greg Harbinson (gregreg)
S18-S29 - Cam Fowler (CoachReilly)
S30-Present - Speedster



S2 - Brett Noiles (fd13)
S3-S4 - Sam Lafluer (Quik)
S5 - Barrie
S6 - Dany Ribody (Quik)
S11 - Mike Swatkowski (Mike)
S12 - marshall_22
S13 - Blitz
S15 - David Knight (MightyDuck14)
S16-S17 - Joey Kendrick
S20 - Tyler Barabash (Bushito)
S22-S24 - Megan Anderson (megster443)
S25-S26 - Bryan Svec (frescoelmo)
S28 - Ryan Power (Devise22)
S30 - Toast
S31 - Matthew Boragina (Boragina7)
S32- Present - Toast



S2 - Tyler Sharp (Tyler)
S3-S5 - Jesus Christ (v2)
S6 - Josh Vestiquan (v2)
S7 - t-man321
S10 - Sandro
S11 - Trepanov
S12 - Anzenator
S13 - CanucksFan
S15 - James
S16: Janelle Henley
S17: Gordon Shore/Nucker?
S18 - Diesel
S20-S25 - diamond_ace (Jason Glasser)
S26 - Munk

S27 - Jericho


I'm too lazy to look through the list on the OP, so @Victor have fun man

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