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Claimed:A Victorious Goodbye


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Ville Sixten: A Victorious Goodbye

In this edition of Prospect Watch we take a look at Ville Sixten; a defenseman for the Yukon Rush who will be playing for the Toronto Legion in the VHL next year. In nearly two VHLM seasons he has made quite an impact on the league. It’s time to say goodbye to Sixten and take a look at his accomplishments in the VHLM.



Ville Sixten entered the league as a waiver claim in the first week of the 33rd season of the VHLM. The lucky ones to claim him for that year were the Baby Eagles of Vasteras who also claimed Cam Rivers and star goaltender Lennox Moher later that year. During the sixty five games that Sixten played that season he got some decent numbers on the board for a rookie. At season’s end he had 12 goals, 31 assists, 127 hits and 78 shots blocked. There was only one thing he was in the league leader boards for; and surprisingly it was his shot accuracy. Ville Sixten seemed to have a great shot from the blue line as he scored in more as seventeen percent of his attempts. In the playoffs he improved his play and became a point per game defenseman. In the six games the Iron Eagles played, he scored once and had five more assists. He also had eleven hits and led the team together with Dan Tremblay in the shots blocked department.
hese numbers lead him to be a wanted prospect for the Season 34 Draft’s since Sixten was eligible to be drafted in both the VHL as the VHLM. In the VHLM he got selected by the Yukon Rush with the fourth overall pick, two picks behind Lennox Moher, who he also played together with in Vasteras.



In the VHL he was picked one spot later when the Toronto Legion picked him up at the fifth overall spot. In a draft class that mostly had forwards the Legion where happy to select their defenseman at this spot in the draft. Season 34 turned out to be a very successful one for the young defenseman; he scored 121 points in 72 games to make a giant leap on the scoring front. His 94 assists for the Rush turned out to become a team high. A feat that he also got for shots blocked and minutes played. Minute wise Ville Sixten even managed to play the most minutes in the whole league. Sixten turned out to become the third best scoring defenseman and also held the third position in the total assists column in the league. He also held top 10 positions for shots blocked and power play goals, showing he is an all round defenseman. The true success for Sixten came in the playoffs in which he again had team highs for assists, shots blocked and minutes. He played 38 minutes on average but this includes the game that went through seven overtimes where he almost played 91 minutes in total. After the victory in one of the craziest games of all time, his Yukon Rush had the momentum on their side and won four games straight. With these victories, Ville Sixten will say goodbye to the VHLM as a true champion, ready to conquer the VHL



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Content: 3/3 It was over 500 words and was a pretty good read

Grammar: 2/2 Nothing to dock you for. Just forgot the period at the end of your article.

Appearance: 1/1 Very well put together


 ready to conquer the VHL -  ready to conquer the VHL(.)


Grade: 6/6

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Content: 3/3 - Misleading title is misleading. Anyway, he'll be just fine in the VHL. Probably. Maybe.
Grammar: 2/2 - Pretty good for the most part.
the Legion where happy -> the Legion were happy
an all round defenseman -> an all-around defenseman
Appearance: 1/1 - YUP.
Overall: 6/6 - I just wanna ride my motorcycle.
FINAL: 6/6
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