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Started from the bottom, now he's here


Quite unexpectedly, a new prospect for the Victory Hockey League Minor has thrown his name into the ring: Ron World Peace, an unknown young gun from Germany, has decided to take his talents to the next level and try his talents in North America. A massive player, World Peace is mostly known for his intimidating defense. His former coach said once in an article that “Ron and fights are two things that belong together like Ying and Yang.” Apart from this obsession for some in-depth conversations with the opponents and several on the ice, Ron really takes pride in stopping other team’s players as they are coming in for the goal.




During the press conference where he announced his declaration for the Season 37 VHLM Draft, World Peace answered several questions regarding his unusual name or his style of play: “Yeah, my name might be completely opposing to the way how I play on the ice but I find it to be a funny coincidence. I grew up watching basketball and Ron Artest especially, and his unruly behaviour, the way he gets into his opponents’ head – this is truly fascinating. He gets into other people’s head, makes them uncomfortable in what they are doing. So when I had my 18th birthday, a few days later I went to the town administration and informed them about my intentions. They were surprised to say the least, but certainly could not stop me from doing so.” Three weeks later, Ron Miller did not exist anymore and had become Ron World Peace.


Scouts literally know zero to nothing about the German defenseman, despite the fact that he has shown a promising amount of hits and shots blocked during pre-declaration workouts. They also acknowledge his physical style, sacrificing his body whenever he can and whenever he needs to for his club.




“Basketball has been the number one priority for me in my youth, when I was smaller and thinner. Unfortunately I could not become a pro there, so I had to take other steps for my professional career. I ended up being a decent player in hockey, so that is what I went for. As I always looked up at Artest for play, I transferred that mentality to my new sport,” World Peace said when talking to reporters afterwards, “I’m going to hit, tackle and punch everyone that is an obstacle for my club from being successful.”


While World Peace definitely has some upside, it is also not safe to say that we have a potential star in the making here. Youth coaches attest him the potential to receive hits in his development from time to time, something that maybe even comes naturally if one is starting up in a sport at such a late point of his youth. However and whatever World Peace turns out to be, his journey will be definitely be an interesting one for fans to watch.

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Content: 3/3 It reached the minimum word count needed. Ron World Peace could be a steal of the draft if you continue to work on him and make him become a great player. Best of luck in your VHLM career and when you get drafted too.

Grammar: 2/2 I didn't really see much outside of what I listed below

Appearance: 1/1 It was formatted properly and looks good


Victory Hockey League Minor - Victory Hockey League Minor(s)


Grade: 6/6

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Content: 3/3 - Pretty rad that a guy named World Peace is achieving that by people people the hell up. Love it.
Grammar: 2/2 - Very nice job here. Didn't see anything additional.
Appearance: 1/1 - Lookin' good!
Overall: 6/6 - Pick out one game where you can do it, not a bunch where you have no idea what you're doin'.
FINAL: 6/6
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